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College News
Invitation to donate for School Library

The Library built in 1949 for nearly 100 pupils is not sufficient for the present population over 3000. construction work is being carried out on a new building "Ibbagamuwa Sumithuro" the Kurunegala city branch of the Ibbagamuwa Central College Past Pupils' Association Society donations for the college library construction project.

The total construction cost is estimated at Rs. 8 Million. Work has done up to now have cost Rs. 3 Million. Financial assistance is needed to complete the project

The library when completed would serve over 3000 school children and 150 members of the academic staff. It will be the fulfillment of a long felt need to the school and for us; its Past Pupils, a dream come true

The credentials of Ibbagamuwa Sumithuro to undertake a venture of this nature is beyond question over the years they have provided valuable support to enhance the academic cultural and sports standards of their alma mater.

They have established links with Japanese Friendship Association of "Kashiwazaki" Japan and thanks to their generously musical instruments and sports items were donated to the school in 2004

The Japanese Friendship Association also choose "Ibbagamuwa Sumithuro" to coordinate their "Tsunami Assistance Programe" in Sri Lanka, Indented the identification of beneficiaries procurement and of goods and arrangement of delivery programe in south Sri Lanka which was attended by representatives from Japanese Friendship Association in November 2005.

It's a worthy cause. Please donate for remittances and further details if necessary :

Hon. Secretary
"Ibbagamuwa Sumithuro"
216/5 Dambulla Road,
Sri Lanka.
Tele: - 037-2228793
E-mail: mahindajayawardana@yahoo.com
Dr. C. W. W. Kannangara Memorial Celebrations 2006: (25th September 2006)

Ibbagamuwa Central College is privileged to host the Annual Kannangara Memorial Celebrations at the College premises this year. In fact this is the 11th year of celebrations of the great educationist and politician who took brave steps to offer equal opportunities of education to all. He had tremendous opposition within his party itself, when he proposed this issue, but never turned back until he fulfilled his expectations. His most important revolution in education was the creation of the Central Colleges, to give free
education to poor but intelligent children. To honour such a great man who changed the history of education system in Sri Lanka, 10 of the foremost Central Colleges had already celebrated his work. This year, the great opportunity is granted to Ibbagamuwa.

The date of the Function will be 25th September 2006.

This function is organized by the All Ceylon Past Pupils' Association of Central Colleges. Primary discussions about the function had already been held between the representatives of Ibbagamuwa Central College and the officials of the Association. The first stage of discussions were held in Nugegoda on 4th May, 2006. These discussions were held between the members of the Executive Committee of the (All Ceylon) Past Pupils' Association and the representatives of the College. The College was represented by the Principal and 10 past pupils.

On 21.05.2006, the executive committee of the Past Pupils' Association (PPA) of Ibbagamuwa met at the College premises for further discussions. It was attended by the officials of various branches of the PPA, namely, Main Branch, Colombo Branch, Kandurata Branch, Ibbagamuwa Sumituro, Nidahas Sandhanaya, Yovun Peramuna and Dhamma Gaveshee Sanvidhanaya.

Discussions were held regarding the various activities of the function to be held on 25.09.2006


To organize a grand memorial function with various activities to highlight the great work dome by Dr. Kannangara. To unveil a statue of Dr. Kannangara at the College premises.

To deliver the Kannangara Memorial Lecture by a distinguished past pupil of the College. The name of Professor Samitha Manawadu, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa was unanimously agreed to.

To organize inter school competitions of literature, drama, and speech among all schools in North Western Province. The winners of these competitions will be honoured on the day of the celebrations.

To honour the great masters of the past, who worked hard to build the school, who spent all their time to bring up the standard of the education of the school and who took the challenge of preparing the pupils for extra curricular activities.

To hounour the extraordinary past pupils who had brought honour to the College.
To organize a Cricket Match among the Past / Present Pupils of all 54 Central Colleges.
To publish two Souvenirs on the occasion: one by the College as and another by the (All Ceylon) Past Pupils' Association.
.The organizing committee hopefully expect the Minister of Education to preside the meeting. The other distinguished guests will be the Director of Education and officials of the Education office of the North Western Province.
The Principal and the staff hereby cordially invite all past pupils of the College and also all past and present pupils of all Central Colleges to participate at this grand occasion.

For further details, please contact:
Mr. U. M. Samarawickrama
Central College
Ibbagamuwa (N.W.P.)
Sri Lanka

The Secretary
I.C.C. Past Pupils' Association
Central College
Ibbagamuwa (N. W. P.)
Sri Lanka
» Latest News
9 Sep 2017 - Ibbagamuwa central college past pupils Colombo branch association proudly present ICCIANS COLOMBO NIGHT 2017.

The annual get together and the dinner will be held at GRAND BALLROOM, GALADARI on Sep 9th, 6pm onwards. It is open for all the past pupils and their families where the night will be a spectacular one with live Acoustic Music, Dancing Groups, Comedies and Many Surprising events.

Tickets: 3500 LKR
Call 076 5757635 for reservations.
30 Jul 2017 - Past Pupils Association AGM will be held on school main hall.
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